See what happens when the camera tracks a bunch of wanna be actors to Hollyweird to make a Bee Movie that goes disastrously wrong!

Everything crumbles as these Vivacious Vinyl Junkie Punky Geeks unwittingly get entangled in aeroplane fights, dark web porn, axe killings, satanic rituals and a whole lot more...A horror film within a horror film is born...

Featuring contributions from John Otway, Fuzzbox, Johnny Kaplan and Daryl Hannah, Melanie Williams and Peter Hook and many more.


Arthouse Cinema screening @ The Arthouse Cinema (Crouch End, London, Thursday, 18 Jan 2024 6pm-8pm)


We’ve got a Fuzzbox & we’re going to use it will be supplying original improvised music score through out the experience. John Otway will be appearing live for the after show party playing his unique set along side other amazing musicians including Melanie Williams (Hacienda cLassical)

“vegan vampires are amazing creatures and this film rocks” Louder Than War

“vegan vampires from Zorg is a great example of how not to make a film. They are so bad they are brilliant. miss it a miss out” Orange County News

“The best badass bee movie I've ever seen” Adult Swim


Maggie Dunne alongside Melanie Williams and John Otway

Staring in Vegan Vampires from Zorg Shockumentary Horror flick

We’ve got a fuzzbox featuring Maggie Dunne, John Otway, Drak, Shane McGowan, Steve Jones, Melanie Williams, Vince Vegga Happy Mondays, Nicky Tunes Locket - Dust Junkys, Fat Boy Slim, 808 state, Joanna Bellybutton - Sub Sub Hacienda classical, Simon Wolstencroft - The Fall, Ian Brown and Colourfield and Sex Pistols courtesy of Micheal Infante of OneMediaIP via Pinewood Studios - Special thanks to Prime Amazon, Gonzo Media and Pagter Music - film footage shot in Orange County California...

Vegan Vampires From Zorg Promo

The official film promo for Vegan Vampires from Zorg

Music Producer Mike Bennett together with Friedbanana make punk vegan slasher movie!

Mike Bennett cut his teeth in the music industry at the age of ten playing in local punk bands in the 70’s, and by the age of 18 trained as an actor at Richmond drama school prior to going to Oxford whilst working as a writer for the BBC for the primary science curriculum - Continuing to act in the West End and on TV play in an assortment of punk & alt pop groups...

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